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The Chiropractic Perspective
Chiropractors typically treat functional problems without drugs or surgery. Medical Doctors treat pathology. Dr. Kuehnemann will refer to the Medical providers if the problem is not amenable to conservative means and beyond the scope of his practice. Chiropractors are good gatekeepers into the healthcare system.  Chiropractic is less invasive and utilizes the inborn intelligence of the body to heal itself. Chiropractic healthcare tries to supply the needs of the patient and open up the nerve impulses that interface with all of the bodily systems. Chiropractic attempts to center the spine and  balance the nervous system that controls the whole body at any age or with any condition. We do not claim to cure diseases, but we do emphasize striving to bring the body into balance so that it can heal itself. Witnessing the fact that Chiropractors are so prolific in our society, we must be satisfying our patients to have multiplied since the 1890’s. Chiropractic is truly conservative and should not be thought of as alternative care. Taking a pill to mask the symptoms may never yield satisfying results. 

Dr. Kuehnemann is the Chiropractor for the Tri-Faster Triathlon Club. 

Biographical Information:
UW-Madison and Stevens Point  BS Biology and Secondary Education 1974

University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics Advanced Respiratory Therapy Diploma 1975

Palmer College of Chiropractic   Davenport, Iowa
Doctor of Chiropractic 1988

Credentials: Registered Respiratory Therapist 1976             
State of Wisconsin Licensed  Doctor of Chiropractic 1988  
Member: Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin

Military: US Navy Hospital Corpsman Served with USMC, 1967-1970.