Dr. Kuehnemann treats newborns, children, adolescents, and adults.

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To become a New Patient

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New Patients

Dr. Kuehnemann accepts New Patients on a limited basis. Typically new patients are scheduled for one hour visits. This includes a history, physical, an initial treatment if time permits.  Dr. Kuehnemann devotes significant emphasis on the treatment of damage done by old injuries to the body structure. Traumas accumulate in the tissues and cause much wear and tear on the body’s systems that eventually bring patients to the Doctor’s office.  


The doctor will check vital signs and feel the spine to evaluate the condition of the nervous system. Questions are always encouraged so that you better understand the nature of your problems and how Dr. Kuehnemann plans to treat them.  


The doctor prefers to use low impact treatments whenever possible. Muscles that are too taut or too loose will not hold the spine and joints in normal position. Treatment that corrects these imbalances is paramount in the least amount of visits.