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Payment for Services
Major Medical Insurance

We accept assignment of insurance benefits from most companies that extend Chiropractic benefits to you and your family. We also want to emphasize that insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are the healthcare provider and render care in good faith with the expectation that your insurance company will reimburse us in a timely fashion. This is not always the case: therefore, we reserve the right to refuse assignment of the insurance benefits if the insurance company balks at reimbursement for whatever reason. We will however let you pay for the care as you go and submit your claims for you at no extra charge so that they will reimburse you the insured. We are not in any discount networks at this time. Dr. Kuehnemann does not accept New Medicare (T-18) or New Medicaid (T-19) patients. This means that you will have to seek a different provider for your Chiropractic needs. We ask that you meet your deductible costs up front and co- insurance payments as you go to keep you from incurring a large debt at this office. We accept Master Card and Visa for ease of payment. Worker’s Compensation Insurance covers Chiropractic care at 100% in Wisconsin. We usually accept assignment of benefits on WC injuries unless the case is old and
payment is questionable because of liability questions. Auto Accident Insurance usually covers Chiropractic care at 100% up to the policy limits. We generally accept assignment of benefits in these cases which means we will wait for payment. Personal Injuries Cases are treated at this office. We do all we can to get you back to 100% as soon as possible and for the least possible cost. Trauma cases can take significantly longer to treat even with a team approach. In any type of insurance case, we will try to work with you if the Insurer will honor our insurance claims in a timely fashion.